Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cast of Characters

Please allow me to introduce my trail" cast of characters".
I have no idea what mushroom this is and if it is eatable.  But I really like the looks of it.
I was told by a fellow trail walker that this bambi and the mother(who is near by) are not afraid of people.  No wonder, they live on the trail
My young friend, Ashley took this picture.  
 I would look forward to seeing certain places on the trail, A little over 1.5 miles into the walk you will come upon this little passage of trees.  
I saw hundreds of ducks, geese, and seagulls 
One would always know exactly where they were upon reaching these rocks. Very important role in my cast
The sun was always around, whether setting like here, or under a cloud or shining down on me and the trail.  The Sun is one of the most powerful characters.
Mr. Little Guy. He was eating some seeds that a fellow trail walker had given him.  
 what is the "grass" hopper doing on the trail anyway?
The grand blue heron. Yes, there really is a bird in this picture. I was very worried about this heron (as I mentioned in a previous blog)  Day after day, which turned into weeks, this one would always be there when I reached the bridge. The other herons had already left.  He is now gone.
The past few weeks I have seen several sunsets.  By the time I get to the end of my walk the sun is setting.  Stunning
The moon is also a main character on the trail lately.  What more could one ask for, the sun setting on the west side of the lake and the moon rising on the east side of the lake and I'm walking right down the middle. Priceless
I have seen many many eagles.  I have pictures of eagles sitting in the trees in my yard.  But I never ever get tired of seeing them. I'm always in awe of them.
Lately I see beavers when I get to the trail bridge over the Mississippi River.  They have been very busy!
I took this picture today.  This is the passage of trees I mentioned earlier. 

Well, I have introduced you to my cast of characters on my trail walks.  If you haven't walked the trail, get out there.  And if you see any of my characters tell them I sent you.
Oh, Rachelle, I left out the picture of the snake.  I didn't want to stun you.
OH OH, Rachelle, I forgot to tell you something.  One of my fellow trail walkers informed me that they saw a..... ?????


Rachelle said...

WHAT??? What did they see? I may never walk again at this rate.

The chipmunk is adorable! The grasshopper is a cool picture. Thanks for leaving out the snake. I would have cringed and shivered. That last photo of the trees is beautiful!!

Keep the posts coming!

Rachelle said...

Second thought... feel free to add the snake pic on your blog. I mean, let's face it, they are *characters* on the trail. Ugh. Warn me and I won't look.

Claire said...

I know what was seen. I won't tell. I promised I wouldn't tell :) But, Barb, if you DO decide you want to "stun" Rachelle - I have the means :D GORGEOUS pics!

AnnJ said...

Love love the pictures! That passage of trees is my favorite part of that end of the trail. We usually go in at the state park & bike to town...but don't always make it quite that far.

Sue said...

Great photos, Barb. We're so lucky to have that trail in Bemidji. You know how to capture its beauty in pictures.

Basque-Land said...

Really enjoyed reading this blog. Beautiful pics. Ernie is so into squirrels, he gets squirrel gifts for Xmas! The other day, he accidentally ran over one.....uh grief issues here. I think we need a pic of you as one of the characters too!

barb meuers said...

Ann,thanks for reading my blog! I have been meaning to veer off onto the state park trail, but haven't yet. I will next summer.

Sue, thanks for reading my blog. I LOVE reading your blog and your articles in the Sunday paper. I'm not a cook but if I were I would use your recipes. I would also use Rachelle's and Pioneer Woman. I'm trying to make that part of my life. I LOVE food.

Rozanne, I'm SSSSOOOOO sorry to hear about Ernie and the squirrel. I KNOW just how he feels. I couldn't stand it. I ran over a rabbit one time, years ago, and i still think about it.