Monday, June 3, 2013

Hey Judy, where are you?

 The fawns were in our yard just this past Saturday (June 1st)  I think they are just a couple of days old
 New leaves. all the different hues of green on the trail is just beautiful
 Crab Apple tree at work.  the one right outside my office
The chipmunks in Basswood are out and hungry
 Spawning Bass
 I have only seen one kit twice.  Bums me out. Hope it is OK
 The Red Breasted Nuthatch's nest
 Had to throw this in.  It was so nice out but the trail still had snow on it.  Of course, the snow is gone now
 Tree Swallows back and nesting.  Haven't seen a Bluebird yet
 Bass Wood early Spring
 Your rock :)
The Red Squirrel early Spring. Losing its winter coat
 Marsh Marigolds are out
The Wood Ducks were by the bridge