Saturday, August 13, 2011

"These are a few of my favorite things"

 What a beautiful gift given to my sister and I today.  This baby eagle was first sitting in a secure spot in the tree then climbed up on the very precarious limb and positioned itself and tried several times to take off, finally got it right.  OOHH how Priceless
Did you know that we are in the year of the rabbit?  I'm a rabbit in the Chinesescope :) And this is the first bunny that I have seen on the trail in 3 years. Do I dare hope that they are coming back?
The white water lily pad late July. Their simply beauty takes my breath away.
This picture actually captured the way I felt when I saw it. The butterfly, the waves of the water. It was a lazy, layed back beautiful July day
Trying to hide little chipmunk???
Berries everywhere on the trail
A view from my dock.  
Lately I see the shadows before I see the real thing
Out of the murcky waters of the Mississippi comes this white beauty
The wild black eyed susan, just nothin like it. They are every where on the trail and my camera seemed to take on a life of its own for I couldn't pass by a black eyed beauty without snapping away
Milkweed with a monarch caterpillar 
 I just LOVE wild flowers for they grow together in amazing ways
 I think the color of July was purple. 
 You cannot miss a white flower on the trail. They pop out with all the green and yellow
 I have been told that the white vine amongst the cattails is cucumber vine. It is everywhere on the trail and makes wonderful shapes winding around its prey
The trail is now bursting with wildflowers along with different types of grasses. I can feel autumn on her way