Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 2012

It was 74 degrees today.  And today is March 16th!!!  It is suppose to be 72 tomorrow.  My goodness
GEEZ  It is taking me forever to get a post out so I'm just going to publish it without trying to get it right. There is so much going on

This picture of the Chickadee was taken after the last wind/snow storm we had, that was also in March. What a psycho month
AND what a psycho post for I'm going to be jumping all over the calendar. 
Everybody has their own ideas of what the "signs of spring" are.  Before I started paying attention I figured that seeing a robin was it. Well, I haven't seen a robin yet but there are many other signs. The following are examples of what some other signs of spring might be.

I "heard" spring on Tuesday, March 6th.  Standing on the bridge I was lucky to hear the whistling sound of the Golden Eye flying towards me. How exciting.  I think they are the first duck back. 

It is Sunday, March 11th and I just saw a red winged blackbird!!!

OK, back to the trail and the wonderful color that is out there. The gold and red are brilliant next to the snow (this picture taken a couple of weeks ago)
This squirrel was pissed off at me for standing there. Ya see, I put seed out for the birds and he wanted to eat
There is no snow left on the trail as of today. Today bikers, roller bladders, runners, walkers were all able to navigate the trail without worry of having to turn back.
A lady bug on the snow in march??? sorry, had my sunglasses on so she isn't focused
the pussy willows are so beautiful right now.  they glimmer in the sunshine-- all silvery. You can't miss them
FLying over the bridge on the trail

Trumpeter swans in front of my house on the Mississippi River
 In the reflection you can see an eagle, teeny tiny reflection
 caterpillar in march (not sure if this is a wooly bear)
 I wait and wait for the fox to appear.
 SO much color
 chickadee collecting for her nest

Today, Sunday March 18th, I DID see a Wooly Bear caterpillar
Last night we had company over for dinner. They both said they were bit by a mosquito, yup, I don't believe it either.

Pay attention “out there” you will notice all kinds of changes.  Go outside, get to know nature.Then you will KNOW that there is more to life than just yourself. There are miracles all around you.   Nature is doing her best to teach me patience.  How to live a simpler, quieter more introspective life.   Also, thank you Michael and Judy for helping me see that nature is very healing.  Michael for the years of long discussions about spirituality and finding it in nature, and Judy for showing me HOW to slow down and actually SEE what was surrounding me.