Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Process of Spring

OK, this is the second time I have attempted to write this particular blog and post it.  Some how I deleted the first one I wrote, I'm bummed for I happened to like that one.  OH WELL!!!  Soooo... The first two pictures are taken by me and ones that I particularly like
I like this picture for the colors.  This is a picture of moss growing.  If you look close enough you can see.  Just joking :)
My husband and I had our first campfire this past Friday.  I went out first. This poor duck didn't want me there.  She kept quacking at me, I'm sure, asking me to leave.  But I didn't. And she stopped.
Last Sunday I went to the trail to jog.  It was very very windy and cold.  The waves were crashing against the shore and voila the ice. I hated that it was cold and windy, but I thought the ice was beautiful, and a big surprise to me
Onto buds and birds and a few surprises.  At least they were surprises to me
This is another picture that I LOVE!!  I took this picture from the trail on the very very cold Sunday
The above is a maple tree budding in our yard.  In the fall it turns yellow.

Now for one of the surprises to me.  The following two pictures were taken Easter Sunday.
On Easter Sunday I found my friend on the trail feeding this chipmunk.  I'm sure there are a lot of people that have trained chipmunks to eat out of their hand but I found this very special, especially on Easter
This is MY hand feeding the chickadee.  This also happened on Easter Sunday.  My friend introduced me to this place where she, must have, trained these birds to eat out of her hand.  To me this was totally amazing and I will NEVER forget it. I was so connected to nature that day.  My Easter miracle. 
This picture and the next two are nature at her best.  Of course these pictures were taken on the trail
Spring IS sprung(ing) and it makes me feel good.

 To my next trail surprise 
 Otters. You have to look closely to find the otter on top of the otter that you can make out (see). And YES, they were making out :) He had her by the neck and she was screaming.  Making a very very loud noise that sounded like a sheep. It was abit un-nerving. Her noise that is. 
Here ya go, you can see a little better.  They were in the river current and moving fast and my camera doesn't click click click to get several pictures in a row. DARN
Now I am on my dock which is on the Mississippi River.  Here is the first Red Wing Blackbird that I could actually capture on my camera.  I'm not sure but----- this bird was talking to other like birds---- and I think they were talking about me. Hoping I would leave
Back on the trail and more buds.
This picture belongs to the Tamarack trees on the trail.  I am anticipating the return of their leaves.
More buds. If you are getting tired of looking at the buds just walk on the trail and experience the  allure of the landscape and I'm SURE you will find them just as beautiful as I do and you will experience the excitement of spring
Today, Tuesday, May 3rd, which is my brothers birthday, it was beautiful out, thanks brother.  And when it is nice outside you will see all of these cars.  If you read my last blog you will know that I am having a difficult time sharing the trail.  And today it was very difficult for look at aaalll those cars. All those people were on the trial.
I guess I better get use to all these people.  Not only is nature coming alive, but people are also