Saturday, April 16, 2011


 Spring happened all at once today.  I went jogging on the trail, I stopped to talk with a friend and it happened.  All of a sudden spring was EVERY WHERE. and people, oh my, a lot of people running, walking, biking, roller blading.   It was spring over stimulation. 

 At that moment I saw an otter sunning himself on the ice, 
At that moment I saw a wood chuck
At that moment birds were everywhere
At that moment Eagles were screeching  
Time stood still. At that moment I was filled with the sense of a new season that I have never, ever, experienced. I was so alive. I wanted to hold onto that moment FOR EVER! 
That day I soaked up the season of life. However, also at that moment I was upset that I had to share my trail with other people. I DON'T WANT TO SHARE MY TRAIL.  How dare they be "fair weather friends" I have paid my dues and walked the trail aaaalllll winter long.  

So when I got home I told my husband about "those" people. They should have been walking all winter.  He quickly  reminded me of what Bert and Erine would say about sharing. OK OK. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Saturday, April 2nd

I walked the trial on Saturday.  If you didn't get a chance to get outside that day you missed out on a amazing day. Now, I went jogging today and the above picture is what the trail is starting to look like, clear of ice and snow.  However ....

This is what it has been looking like.  It is trying to melt. 
 Walking has been tricky.  Even jogging today (Thursday, April 7th) there was about 1/4th mile of this stuff.

Just feast your eyes on this sky. The blue, priceless. And those clouds, they are perfecto
The day was so clear, the river was so clear and the wind was windless
I just couldn't ask for a more perfect first Saturday in April
The geese are hangin out, along with ducks (Golden Eye) Otters, woodpeckers, song birds, bugs, yes bugs. I've been told that the fox are out and about, wish I would see one.  Heard that bear are stretching their legs. Bikers are now on the trial. More and more people walking.  AWWWWW Spring.  I saw my first Robin today (Thursday)

Yes, what a happy day

Today I started jogging.  I will try and run Grandma's half marathon June 19th along with my friend Tonya.  I just started training.  Should have been training a few weeks back.  But this Spring I am strong, I can do it.  I feel GREAT when I jog.  Two years ago when I tried running the half marathon I had a very difficult time.  Little did I know that I had breast cancer.  Today I am strong.  Today I can do it.