Saturday, April 16, 2011


 Spring happened all at once today.  I went jogging on the trail, I stopped to talk with a friend and it happened.  All of a sudden spring was EVERY WHERE. and people, oh my, a lot of people running, walking, biking, roller blading.   It was spring over stimulation. 

 At that moment I saw an otter sunning himself on the ice, 
At that moment I saw a wood chuck
At that moment birds were everywhere
At that moment Eagles were screeching  
Time stood still. At that moment I was filled with the sense of a new season that I have never, ever, experienced. I was so alive. I wanted to hold onto that moment FOR EVER! 
That day I soaked up the season of life. However, also at that moment I was upset that I had to share my trail with other people. I DON'T WANT TO SHARE MY TRAIL.  How dare they be "fair weather friends" I have paid my dues and walked the trail aaaalllll winter long.  

So when I got home I told my husband about "those" people. They should have been walking all winter.  He quickly  reminded me of what Bert and Erine would say about sharing. OK OK. 


Michael said...

Sooo funny. You faked me out with all this sharing and then - BAM - you're possessive. And then as many punch lines as endings to the Lord of the Rings. I DO have a question though, and that is...did you ask the obvious question of the wood chuck, and if not would you?

barb meuers said...

Michael, no, I don't know how much the woodchuck would chuck

Rachelle said...

You two are so funny! I have to admit to being one of "those" people who have not used the trail all winter.

That photo of the wood chuck is awesome! He looks so cute, I want to take him home w/me. And, the very last photo, I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I Love it! Fun post!

Michael said...

Barbara Barbra, you're your repeating repeting yourself your-self.

Anonymous said...

"Extraordinary!" DBD

Claire said...

...IF a woodchuck could chuck wood. I LOVED your description of this walk the other night, Barb (so funny!) and now to see the photos makes it all so real! One of these days I will have to walk the trail myself. I promise to not make you share it, though :)

Shannon Marie said...

You are too funny, it is hard to share the trail, I completely understand! Love your pictures!

Basque-Land said...

Delightful. I know what you mean about sharing a trail. I always think I am getting away with something when I get to be alone. Sounds like those folks that didn't do the job of winter walking are getting the stink eye from ya, hehe. :)