Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice

"It has often been said that the greatest joy tends to follow deep sorrow. What is so wonderful about the winter solstice is that once we are past that moment of time we can look forward to brighter skies."

Winter Solstice and still no snow. 
But, you don't need much snow to get "snow art"
The fat muskrat and his shadow
I have been known to feed chickadees sunflower seeds, they have been known to hide their seeds in the pine cone.
So beautiful in black and white
Can you find the rabbit?  He thought he was hiding from me, silly rabbit
The red breasted Nut Hatch.  This bird is very friendly
This picture, and the next, was taken at the water front.
Maybe, just maybe, the trail will look like this soon

"It speaks well for the human spirit that our greatest religious celebrations take place at winter solstice time, as people radiate warmth of fellowship and love on these dimmer days. The festivals of darker days are really celebrations of light."