Monday, November 8, 2010

In Search of the perfect purse

I'm a woman who is desperately seeking out the perfect purse
Tonight I exchanged purses.  From the black one to the the more artsy one.  For the past few winters I have been using the one on the left.  I like it but it isn't the perfect purse for me.
  The white purse is cute but not within my purse "comfort zone" and it is white. So even though I took a poll ------ about being able to carry a white purse during the winter season, I just cannot do it.
Yes, I have more purses.  Why do I keep them?  I do not like the brown one on the left, but I still have it. I tried many times to use the middle one, buutttt, I don't know.  The black one on the right I  take on trips, but lately, I haven't taken any trips. But wait, I'm going to CA in February!!
The red one on the right use to have an orange bow on it, but I lost it and it just doesn't look cute  anymore and I don't like the way it hangs on my shoulder.  The knit one on the left I like but doesn't have any pockets inside. And there is that ugly brown one again
Now, this is an old Coach Buckett purse that I found in an antique store.  I do love this purse, but one of the leather straps broke.  I don't know how to fix it.
I seem to pick out black purses, and I wonder if I should get a green purse, maybe a yellow one or a purple one? Maybe one of those colors would make me happy?

Have you found the perfect purse?   


Michael said...

I, for one, have not found the perfect purse. I don't know, maybe if I could make up my mind what i want to carry in it might help. Do I need a calculator now that i have one on my cell phone? Do I need small bottles of aspirin, tylenol, AND ibuprofin? Do I need two pocket knives? But one has a saw and the other a corkscrew. Do i need to carry two cameras? Do i need a letter opener? Hand cream? Expired coupons? New Hampshire quarters? A framed photo of myself as a 17 year-old cheerleader?

Gee thanks Barb, I hadn't thought about the perfect purse, now you've not only got me concerned about content, but pockets, color and straps. Maybe i should dump it all out on the floor and just put the stuff back in that looks familiar. Heck, I can't even close the darn thing any more. Sigh. Now I'm tired.

barb meuers said...

very funny Michael

Rachelle said...

Laughing out loud at Michael's comment, but back to the purses...

I LOVE that orange one hanging in the middle in the 3rd pic down. Cute! You should use it.

I think we need a variety of purses. I know I like one strap better than two because the second one always falls off my shoulder.

Your white purse is very cute. You better use it next summer! Fun post.

Basque-Land said...

Michael needs a suitcase! I have 1 purse but oh so many pairs of shoes. I donate purses to Goodwill cause I'm too lazy to switch out purses. I love my purse (sounds like I love my child, hehe) but the straps could be a bit longer, it has 3 different compartments, several side snap pockets, 2 front compartments, a zippered area, and yes it is large but it does the job. I love that arty purse. I may have to get one for dress up! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

One must choose carefully, after all they quit making purses last week. True all manufacturing of purses stopped. So save your old one as they may be valuable.

Claire said...

Oh Barb, I so feel (um, share) your pain on this purse thing. I will still be searching for the right (perfect) one for me from The Other Side. I will leave tens (possibly hundreds) of the "wrong" ones in my wake. The pockets have to be JUST so, and the right number, and size, and the whole thing has to "fit" (in multiple ways) and then, of course, it has to be "me", and has to cheer me up when I need it (the color thing) and the HECK with the "does it match" part. Meantime, Michael, I also feel your pain on how much to carry. I STILL carry enough to care for my 6 kids in the event of a typhoon (for instance) for a fortnight, and I only have one (18 year old) still at home. I need to figure out how to leave the house with just a wallet and keys. Sigh.

Kimberly said...

I am not a big purse person, I seem to get one black one and use it till it dies. I thought Dad had a “Man Bag”? Haha!
You should check into the “Miche Bag" line of purses. I know several people that have them and love them. You buy the base bag and buy different designed outer shells. It’s great, as you always have what you need, due to you are not taking thing out from one purse to the other, just changing the outer shell to match your wardrobe. Loved all of your unique purse collection!

Peg said...

My sister, Susan Hoosier, shared your blog with me. Great photos! I am working on creating my own blog now and hope to have it up soon.

I am not so much in search of the perfect purse as I am in search of the perfect pillow. :-)

Janna Ellis-Kepley said...

:O Your black purse in the first picture! What kind is/was it?