Friday, November 12, 2010

The European Larch

It was an amazing day on the trail. Even though it was very windy and the temp was about 40 there were a lot of walkers and bikers. I learned something today. First...
Eagles were every where.  I was told by a fellow trail walker that she witnessed two eagles dancing.  Their talons were hooked together and they were performing acrobats in the sky.
I wished I would have witnessed that.
It was not only windy but the skies were quite ominous.  
I met the man who planted the trees below. His name is Mark.  He planted them in 1983.  I had to tell him thank you for, to me, this spot is a sanctuary. This beautiful passage protects you from the wind on very cold windy days and from the sun on very hot days.  He told me that he planted several of them but only these survived.  I also learned that they are not technically Tamaracks, they are European Larch.  He also planted the Norway and White pines.
This is how the European Larch looks in November. Now the needles cushion my every step. This will always be one of my favorite places to be.


Rachelle said...

I can't believe you met the guy who planted the trees! Also, that they aren't Tamaracks? They still look pretty with their needles on the ground. Nice pic!

I love seeing eagles in the sky. What a treat.

Michael said...

Interesting to have met the planter of the trees. i am concerned that he told you they were European Larch for there is the American Larch which is known as Tamark. Tamarach and Larch are the same tree as are Hop Hornbeam and Iron wood.

Basque-Land said...

I really love that aisle of trees. Whenever I get to walk through something like that, I get all giddy about it because it feels so special. When Ernie and I were travel nursing in California, I found a short isle of trees and just had to walk back and forth in it about 20 times!