Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Critters, their homes and then there's Roger

 Well, on my trail walk today I decided to take as many pictures I could of critters and some of their homes
 This Blue Jay (yes there is a Blue Jay in this tree) wouldn't sit long enough for me to take a good picture of him. He would hop from tree to tree, teasing me.  Sitting still until I tried to focus.  Then he would jump to another tree.

A squirrel lives here. I saw several squirrels but I cannot prove it with this blog.  
 Beautiful. I am so in love with this trail and fall
  At first I thought it was a bee hive. But I'm not sure?
 I think this is the opening to a fox den.  A few months back, before I brought my camera with on my walks, I saw a fox.  He laid right in front of this hole.  Would I lie to you? :)
 This little guy actually wanted his picture taken.
 I think this heron is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.  I think he is afraid to fly away. He hasn't moved from this spot in about a week. Don't believe me?  Just ask Rachelle.

 Rachel wanted her picture taken also.  Isn't she cute.
 Two eagles. Their home is near by
 I did see one more critter on the trail tonight.  But he was to quick for me. His name is Roger.  I didn't recognize him at first for all those bikers with helmets and those spandex bike clothes, well, they all look alike to me. 
"Good Night Moon"


Rachelle said...

Look at that, you have 5 followers right off the bat. Good for you. Love this set of pictures! You surprised me with the last pic of Good Night Moon. That is a beautiful picture and you have reminded me how I used to read that book to my long ago 'little' ones. And, yes, I can testify that the blue heron has been sitting in the same spot for awhile now. Barb... I LOVE your blog!! You Go Girl.

barb meuers said...

Thank you Rachelle. As you might have figured out, i like doing it. Did you walk on the trail today??????:

Rachelle said...

Yes, I did!! I forced poor Derrick to join me and he wasn't happy to leave his work in the basement, but I wanted him to SEE it and experience it just once. I won't bug him again. He is hurting tonight from that long walk, but I hope it inspires him to walk on it in the future. How funny that you saw Roger. I've been looking for him each time, but never see him. I love the cute chipmunk picture!

Michael said...

Where's Roger? Where's Roger? Hey, there his is...oops, nope, that wasn't him...or was it. Roger. Rooooooogeeeeer. Over.

Basque-Land said...

Hmmmmm. That looks like a Hornet's nest in that tree. We had one in our shed that looked like that. One time when I was on a walk in Los Banos, CA, I ran into a fox hole like that and out popped a fox and we were both stunned! Nice pictorial.

Rachelle said...

And what I really want to know is... did you ever capture a picture of that fast critter named Roger? Better keep trying because that would be a good post for a blog.

Rachelle said...

Speaking of Roger... I noticed that he immediately became a follower of your blog, but has never become a follower of mine. I emailed him and said, "what the heck?" because that's not very nice. Lo & behold, he now became a follower of mine. It seems that you have followers signing up left & right and I have to coerce people. What is wrong with this picture?? Ha!