Sunday, October 17, 2010

St. Cloud or bust!

It was time to get out of town, so I went to St. Cloud.  I visited my long time friend Cindy.  Saw my daughter Erin and my brother- in -law John.  Cindy and I had a goal.  To be outside (it was great weather) and to locate pumpkins.
We started out at a place near Cindy's house.  This place had pumpkins, antiques and a puppy.  A puppy? Yes. A very cute one that was all by himself for his brothers and sisters had already found homes.  He was very sad and my heart hurt for him. But, I couldn't take this puppy for I already have 3 cats and a dog.  I did purchase pumpkins and something else, which I will show you at the end of this posting.
Onto the next pumpkin patch.  This one is near St. John's University.  It was a beautiful drive out there. And was very much worth the drive.  They had GREAT pumpkins, weird looking pumpkins that I feel in love with.  And they had apples. A petting zoo, hay rides, a place for kids to paint pumpkins, and on and on. I would go back.
Just look at these pumpkins.  A PINK one

Cindy and I decided that we really liked lumpy pumpkins. PEOPLE, you should step outside your "pumpkin"comfort zone and purchase one of these beauties.
Aren't they just wonderful!
Well.  We were done with pumpkins but not with being outside.  We decided to take a long walk, it took us about 1.5 hours and we loved every minute.  Cindy's dog Jack Jack also loved this walk.
The following are just a few pictures of the trail.  
I'm still trying to capture the beauty on camera.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE TRAIL WALKING!! 
Isn't this a beautiful old barn?
These are my St. Cloud pumpkin purchases. The pumpkin on the left is a heirloom pumpkin.  It is bluish greenish.  I LOVE IT.

And this is what I bought at the first pumpkin spot.  Stain glass. It only cost me $10.  According to the woman I bought it from it started out in Bemidji, went to St. Cloud and now back in Bemidji. I had a great weekend.  I'm hoping you did too.


Michael said...

What a nice little trip to St. Cloud. Thanks for sharing, this is better than going in person...well, not quite, but it helps. Very enjoyable read.

Michael said...

PS I love the stain glass, the photo doesn't do it justice without light behind it. What a good buy. It looks familiar somehow.

Alan said...

Yea Barb.

Rachelle said...

Great photos! I didn't know there were so many varieties of pumpkins. Glad to hear you had fun.

Rachelle said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun Barb. I hope the Great Pumpkin visits your home this Halloween. You should tell your significant other about the benefits of getting outta town once in a while. John M

Anonymous said...

Wow you posted this so fast! I'm impressed! I had a fabulous weekend too. I love fall and what a great fall we are having!! Awesome photos! I think you've got the right kind of eye for taking photos!
Cindy from St Cloud :)

Basque-Land said...

I love these wierd pumpkins! Cudos to you, stepping out of our pumpkin comfort zone, hehehee.