Sunday, February 19, 2012

Signs Of Spring

 Birds are passing through, the fox is pregnant, the eagles are nesting and the chickadees are singing the fee beee songs. Spring you say. Woodpeckers, I think the downy or maybe the hairy, are busy making their shrill calls and extremely interesting drumming sound. Today the pileated woodpecker was trying to out drum the hairy or downy woodpecker. Can't be done
The male pine grosbeak in my flowering crab apple tree. They are so beautiful. Their song, like google states, a sequence of very clear, flute like notes.
Yes, yet another picture of a chickadee
The willows, on the trail, are becoming a brighter yellow, and the dog weed, pictured here, are becoming a deeper red. 
Not sure if this is a female pine grosbeak 
Some times, just some times, while walking on the trail, you get something extra.  Some personal moment that won't be shared with anyone, even if they were standing next to you. Something extra happened to me yesterday and it involved the trumpeter swan. They flew right over my head, about 7 of them. It became a whoa moment for me.  I'm glad I found this one swan today.
I had to take this picture and the next for my heart skipped a beat when I saw what I thought were buds--do I dare be that hopeful?

The American Basswood buds.  I'll try and get a closer picture
Now, are these the winter version of the Forget Me Not? 
 I just love taking pictures of weeds, whether it be in the summer, spring, fall or winter.
Playing with the manual part of the camera. It scares me, so I guess I better practice. 

Yes, there is hope in the air. Do you feel it?


Michael said...

You're starting to get phenological. A nice addition to reflection. Make me think of how much we miss, how it must have been long ago and how our forebears watched for Spring, I'll bet they saw all those things. I like the pine grosbeak in the apple tree.

Rachelle said...

The top two bird photos... wow! The red & yellow grass photo is also amazing. Your bud photos w/ the bright blue sky... love them. I saw buds on my mom's lilac bushes. Welcome spring. I really enjoy your blog. :o)

Daniel Luby said...

Nice Barb, makes me want to be on your trail. Your work with Depth of Field is coming along nicely! Keep it up. It is said that "bird" pictures are the hardest to capture. The Chickadees like to pose, momentarily, but he Grosbeeks are very timid. Excellent.

Frank Meuers said...

I enjoyed seeing these and remembering that at home you are still in this mode. It is a beautiful time of year, if you look, and you do just that.

Basque-Land said...

Really beautiful pictures. I will be sure Ernie sees the birds. He gets all excited to see his birds. I have an owl living out back now and we hoot at one another. Again, just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous as usual! Lorraine