Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wild Thing (s)

I'm going to dedicate this post , to my friend Jim who died of cancer, to the fawn I saw dead ( hit by a car) and the mother standing by her.  And to Ivory, my nephews cat, who died. Nature is rarely wrong, however, today I have seen too much. Today, I feel the sadness. My friend, the fawn and her mother and Ivory. Today nature is harsh
So I am hoping that writing a blog about nature will help me remember that nature can also be beautiful.
You will see several pictures of moms and their babies. Like above.  A loon and her babies going under the bridge on the PB trail.  Birth!!! 
I really wanted to blow this into the air as I did when I was a kid and make a wish, but thought it just so simple and perfect to disperse 
Ferns have become one of my favorites.  They are such a classy way to introduce the trees
Nature at "her" best. 
I was standing in the river and looked down.  YIKES! But my friend told me that this leech had NO interest in attaching itself to me.  THANK GOODNESS
A Weed?  It is more delightful than just a weed. A purple wonder
What an AWESOME tree. It entangles itself
The birth of a cattail
The aroma of the milkweed is captivating
Rain, so refreshing for nature and for me
Are these flowering into pine cones? Not sure
Saw a lot of yellow lady slippers on the trail this year but only one that had two slippers
This is my cat Makwa and one of the many turtles in our yard. The cats don't even bother with the turtles anymore, boring
This beautiful bird flew into my dining room window.  It took awhile for it to catch it's breath to move on, but it did and I was so grateful that she lived.
"Wild thing, you make my heart sing, you make everything groovy." 
I considered myself very very lucky to see a pink lady slipper on the trail this year. Isn't "she" amazing
The monarch, how graceful 
The snapper. She had an audience today.  There were a lot of us on the bridge

It is now time to say good bye to Jim, little fawn and Ivory. I will miss you Jim and Ivory!!


Michael said...

Beautiful photos and thoughtful words. We've been waiting for you and the trail. I love how you have varied the size and layout of the photos. The "Commissioner" would be pleased. He'd call you Barbara and ask about dragon flies.

Bemidji Bits said...

Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures! Love, love, love it. Appropriate way to say goodbye to Jim. Rita

Frank Meuers said...

You're getting better and better. Thanks for sharing the beauty you find with us who can't walk that trail. It's a religious experience to see them.

Rachelle said...

Yay~ a new post on your blog. I love the photo of the lavender colored flowers (4th pic from the bottom). Are they foxglove? And if so, I didn't know they grew wild. Fun!

Basque-Land said...

What a beautiful tribute to all of your friends who have transitioned recently. Their spirits are now your inspiration. Love the art work.

Shannon Marie said...

Beautiful reminders in your photos.

Anonymous said...

I love this Barb! Thanks for
Sharing! Cindy

Frank Meuers said...

I love that shot of the red leaves. Nature dresses up each day, but sometimes we don't notice.

Thanks for helping us gaze at that which we look at, but do not see.

Anonymous said...

Barbara Ann! Incredible photos! What a gift you have! Where are the sky diving pics? Janice M.