Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Mix of Seasons

When the fog lifted
We were greeted with the softness
That it left behind
 What a lucky day that was
 Winter sun with a very blue sky.  
Even though I fell in love with winter this year I do look forward to summer
 My yard comes to life
Summer, a fun filled season where the process of going outside isn't so difficult
 Color is everywhere.
Be patient.  Winter will turn into Spring, leaves will appear in that beautiful spring green color. Which will turn into summer, the fun, happy go lucky season.


Basque-Land said...

Beautiful pictures. Love that one of the view from your porch. Wow. We walked last night with a touch of mist. It was lovely; however, it was not as good for my back a I thought. Put wood in the fire and pulled something so I thought exercise would help....not...:)

Michael said...

Be patient? But I'm impatiens for Spring. And happy go luck of the Irish when it's green. I like the "clipped" way you write and I love that last photo, it took me awhile to figure out where it was, and I shoveled the walk.

Rachelle said...

Great photos! I love the winter "blue sky" w/trees, ALL of the flower pics, and the lovely dark night & bright moon. I guess that means I love them all! Pretty!

barb meuers said...

Rahcelle, You took the pictures of my flowers. Thanks!

Michael said...

Darn, I really like that last photo. That should be framed.

Shannon Marie said...