Wednesday, October 26, 2011


 I was standing on the PB trail bridge at sunset tonight and this picture is the direct result of the next picture
what an amazing evening.  I have never been on the trail at dusk, but after tonight I will do it again and again.  In the right hand corner of this picture there is a tiny dot in the tree, it is an eagle.   

Friday, October 21, 2011


It was a moody day on the trail.  The day was Thursday, the Month September and the date 29th
It was, by far, the moodiest day that I have experienced on the trail
Sorry for the sun glare in this pic but I had to show you the wildness of this day, so windy, with  dark clouds, also clearing where the sun hit the yellows and they danced with the warmth laughing at the darkness that the clouds produced.
The sun laughing
the beginning
 my favorite moons come in October
The deep reds against the brown, my goodness
The European Larch is dressing for fall
Yes, the flowers are blooming in October
Watcher of the river
Observe the beauty this world offers, it will help you let go of the negativity
can you pick out the flower from the leaves?
If you stand out, alone, don't worry, others will soon follow