Wednesday, January 19, 2011

XC Skiing

Montebello Trail
This is Roger
This is Barb
This is Roger getting ready teach Barb how to ski.  Good luck Roger
Well, this is Barb after 1.5 hours of skiing. Roger is a very good and patient teacher.  He had to be to put up with me on skis.  I had a great time, you will have to ask Roger if he did.  I cannot count the times I fell.  Apparently Roger wanted to teach me HOW to get up after a fall for he NEVER assisted me.  He probably needed a good laugh that day.  For I'm sure I looked like a little old lady trying to get up with these long things on my feet.  I KNOW I looked particularly funny with one of the falls for I really couldn't get up. But he just watched--patiently--quietly--probably started to wonder if he would have to just leave me there.  He taught me how to ski down the "many" mini hills.  I always knew what to expect so I wasn't nervous at all.  Thanks buddy. I will go again.