Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nature at her best

After months of not seeing any deer on the trail they are finally showing themselves.  Probably because the bow hunters aren't there any longer. They have taken enough deer!!!!
I usually see deer all year round and it didn't amazing to me to see them.  NOW, it is rare and I get excited seeing them again.
The tree swallows are claiming their nesting places.  They are so cute
A Bluebird?? A rarity to me.  So beautiful
Spring's birth. How amazing this process is. The first buds are showing off their tiny leaves. Close to unfurling 

The first turtle I have seen this year.  I was very excited to discover it. Now waiting for the hummingbirds to arrive
The grass on the trail is greening up
The Marsh Marigold has arrived.  I didn't know what this flower was. But a couple of people informed me. Thanks
The wild cucumber's are showing off. They are everywhere
The Chickadee checking in on her babies
The Common Merganser.  The top one is the female, the bottom the male.  However, I thought the female had ragged "hair" on her head.  Maybe this one is a young female.

 One of the many willows on the trail.  Several are growing right on the shore out of the rocks
 I did not know that this was poison ivy.  I just thought they were some kind of berry. Oh dear
 I love when the European Larch starts showing off its' leaves.
That blue sky. Kind of an eerie picture.

Thanks for taking the time to walk the trail with me.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Today was amazing and I didn't even take a walk. I'm not feeling well so decided against a walk today.  I have been watching a fox hole for months now with no luck.  My friend Judy told me that she did see the mother fox and her kit yesterday.  So on the way home I decided to park close to where they were and walked 1/4 mile. I was completely and utterly satisfied. More happening in that short distance than many days I walk 8
 First, I saw two loons.  Yes, they have been here but I haven't seen them. 
 And THEN, oh my they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!  
Just look at that face.